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Guangzhou Compliance Lawyer

Michelle  Ye
Michelle Ye
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HJM Asia Law & Co LLC

B-1002, R&F Full Square Plaza, No. 16, Ma Chang Road
ZhuJiang New City Tianhe District
Guangzhou, China 510623

Guangzhou Compliance Lawyer

Compliance and legal risk control are significant to daily business operations. Chinese law and regulations change rapidly and by having a lawyer from HJM assigned to them, the firm’s clients are promptly aware of the new laws and regulations affecting their business. As the local authorities are executing more and more strictly laws and regulations for compliance purposes, clients must comply to avoid paying fines, penalties, blacklisting, business license suspension/revocation, etc.

Experienced Guangzhou Compliance Attorney

HJM provide clients with careful, preventive and practical measures to avoid potential compliance issues, disputes and conflicts. The Guangzhou compliance lawyers are experienced in compliance services which aim to give clients effective protection with regard to all aspects of their business.

HJM Asia Law & Co LLC’s services in this field include:

  • Gap analysis of existing policies and procedures to ensure regulatory compliance and industry best practice
  • Assessment and preparation of regulatory filings
  • Advice and support on corporate governance and internal controls
  • Legal training for the client’s staff
  • Preparation of quarterly compliance reports for Boards, compliance committees or senior management
  • Conducting post trade monitoring for investment guideline compliance and reporting
  • License application (e.g., the ICP license and import/export license)
  • General regulatory health check on key areas of business
  • Comprehensive regulatory due diligence of regulated activities
  • Regulatory and compliance advisory services
  • Review of existing compliance and operations manuals and policies and procedures
  • Regulatory and compliance risk identification and assessment and development of mitigating internal controls

HJM Asia Law & Co LLC’s track record:

  • Advising an American client on the amendment of its business licence and assisting him to increase its registered capital in order to comply with the new law
  • Advising a French company on temporary residence permit required for his Chinese employees working in the factory
  • Advising a German client on the requirement of appointing a supervisor for the Chengdu WOFE
  • Advising a Canadian insurance company on the insurance claim
  • Advising an American IT company on how to apply for the ICP license in China
  • Advising a Canadian company on joining a bidding process in Henan, China
  • Advising a Canadian IT technology company on general corporate legal strategy
  • Advising a Canadian financial corporation on how to launch financial business in China
  • Advising a Canadian trading company on the trading policy for paper products
  • Advising a Canadian pet-food manufacturer on the policies and practices of bonded zone and bonded logistic zone of China
  • Advising a European governmental organization on the Chinese policies relating to medical and biological products
  • Advising a Canadian wind power company on legal and financial arrangements

HJM Asia Law & Co LLC

B-1002, R&F Full Square Plaza, No. 16, Ma Chang Road
ZhuJiang New City Tianhe District
Guangzhou, China 510623

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HJM Asia Law & Co LLC

B-1002, R&F Full Square Plaza, No. 16, Ma Chang Road
ZhuJiang New City Tianhe District
Guangzhou, Guangdong, 510623

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