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Cardelli Lanfear Law Participates in Primerus’ Global Day of Service

Cardelli Lanfear Law
Detroit, MI

December 2019, Royal Oak, Michigan – On December 5th, Cardelli Lanfear Law partnered with St. Mary’s Church in their efforts to feed those experiencing homelessness and others in need. The group assisted the church through organizing and stocking the food pantry, creating packages for those experiencing homelessness, and organized donated clothing. Cardelli Lanfear Law contributed food donations collected from each individual at the firm and a cash donation as well.

“The partners give all credit to our staff, who worked diligently on gathering the food and gifts. The act of giving, as a firm, helps all of us appreciate what we have.”

Cardelli Lanfear Law’s volunteer effort was organized in connection with the International Society of Primerus Law Firms’ Global Day of Service. Primerus is a highly selective society of high quality, small to medium size law firms. The Society has a set of core values, the Primerus Six Pillars, that all members are committed to upholding. One of those values is community service. Primerus organized the Global Day of Service to celebrate the commitment its members have made to giving back to their communities demonstrating Primerus members are in fact “Good People Who Happen to be Good Lawyers”.

“There are people who need help in every corner of the world. Together we can unite to help those less fortunate in our individual communities to work towards a healthy global community. I can’t thank enough Cardelli Lanfear Law and everyone at the firm that participated. The work they do for the people of Royal Oak, Michigan not only this month, but throughout the year, truly embodies what it means to be a Primerus member.” – Chris Dawe, Primerus VP of Service and Associate General Counsel

About Cardelli Lanfear Law

Cardelli Lanfear Law provides a standard of legal representation that is not always available from other firms of similar size. The firm is committed to delivering high quality professional services in an efficient and cost-effective manner and they work closely with clients to achieve these results. The firm is based in Royal Oak, Michigan, a close suburb of Detroit.

The firm has closed approximately 30% of its cases in the past year as a result of summary dispositions, voluntary dismissals and trials.

They believe that the assigned attorney should perform all of the work on the file, except for unavoidable scheduling conflicts and services that can be performed by a paralegal. They do not bill for office conferences or strategy sessions. Their goal is to evaluate a case within the first thirty days and report their findings to clients so that they can work together to develop the appropriate defense strategy. They have successfully negotiated favorable rates from court reporters, copy services, and travel vendors for the benefit of their clients.

Cardelli Lanfear Law is a member of the International Society of Primerus Law Firms.


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