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Elam & Burke Participates in Primerus’ Global Day of Service

Elam & Burke

December 2019, Boise, Idaho – On December 12th, Elam & Burke partnered with the Idaho Foodbank as their contribution to the Primerus Global Day of Service.

“The Idaho Foodbank is the largest food bank and distributor of food assistance in Idaho. Last year alone, it distributed more than 20.3 million pounds of food statewide. But unfortunately, one in eight Idahoans and one in six children is still food insecure. On December 12th, we volunteered at the Idaho Foodbank to help sort and load food items for distribution. Our group boxed up 3,900 meals, or 4,200 pounds of food. We were happy to help our neighbors and community in this small way, and we plan to make volunteering at the Idaho Foodbank a regular firm event.” – Jaclyn Gans, Attorney for Elam & Burke

Elam & Burke’s volunteer effort was organized in connection with the International Society of Primerus Law Firms’ Global Day of Service. Primerus is a highly selective society of high quality, small to medium size law firms. The Society has a set of core values, the Primerus Six Pillars, that all members are committed to upholding. One of those values is community service. Primerus organized the Global Day of Service to celebrate the commitment its members have made to giving back to their communities demonstrating Primerus members are in fact “Good People Who Happen to be Good Lawyers”.

“There are people who need help in every corner of the world. Together we can unite to help those less fortunate in our individual communities to work towards a healthy global community. I can’t thank enough Elam & Burke and everyone at the firm that participated. The work they do for the people of Boise, Idaho not only this month, but throughout the year, truly embodies what it means to be a Primerus member.” – Chris Dawe, Primerus VP of Service and Associate General Counsel

About Elam & Burke

Established in 1928 in Boise, Idaho, Elam & Burke has stood the test of time to become a regional legal force. Then and now, the firm’s reputation is one of excellence and efficacy. Elam & Burke’s historical roots allow the firm to branch wide in their practice areas, led by a specialized team of multi-generational attorneys. Another philosophical point to note about Elam & Burke? In brief, you. The firm establishes lasting partnerships with their clients, so you can rely on them over the long term. Located in the legal hub of downtown Boise, Elam & Burke combines history, skill, and reputation. Rely on a law firm with a distinctive legacy and proven results.

Elam & Burke is a member of the International Society of Primerus Law Firms.

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