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Budapest Bankruptcy Lawyer

Dr. Attila  Simon
Dr. Attila Simon

Füsthy & Mányai Law Office

Lajos u. 74-76
Budapest, Hungary H-1036

Budapest Bankruptcy Lawyer

Fusthy & Manyai Law Office specializes in bankruptcy law. The firm advises various businesses from their inception and continue to be a pivotal link through their development and expansion. A Budapest bankruptcy lawyer of the firm can assist in the organization and litigation of a client’s legal, tax, and employment environment. Consult with the Fusthy & Manyai Law Office of Budapest Bankruptcy Lawyers for vast legal proficiencies in the areas of international bankruptcy law.

The Budapest bankruptcy attorneys of Fusthy & Manyai Law Office advise companies through a wide array of matters, including:

  • Company and Corporate Law
  • Labor and Employment
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Environment Law
  • International Banking Law
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • European Union Law
  • Antitrust and Competition law
  • Contracts
  • Real Estate
  • Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Liquidation
  • Debt Collection
  • Securities Matters
  • Abuse of Dominant Position
  • Litigation, Arbitration

Budapest Bankruptcy Attorneys With Diverse Specialties

Fusthy & Manyai Law Office works with a wide client roster of private businesses, institutions, public agencies and individuals with a special emphasis applied to EU regulations. Some of their Budapest bankruptcy lawyers were former employees in the state administration sector (e.g. Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Transport) therefore, they maintain a healthy relationship and utilize all resources of the state that allow them to better serve a client. When Hungary became a member of the EC in May of 2004, therefore access and knowledge of EU regulations became critical and is an integral part of the Hungarian legal system.

A Budapest Bankruptcy Lawyer Firm With Vast Experience

Established in 1999, Fusthy & Manyai Law Office was a de-merger of several law offices and maintained corresponding contacts with leading law offices worldwide. With a small but potent staff of over 10 Bankruptcy Lawyers, they realize that quality is more important than quantity. The Budapest bankruptcy lawyers recognize that sometimes matters extend outside of the legal arena, therefore they maintain and utilize auditors, tax specialists, book-keepers if a case requires such. The firm offers their services mainly in Hungarian, English and German languages but some of their Bankruptcy Lawyers speak French, Italian and Russian to further communicate in a global society.

Speak With A Prepared Budapest Bankruptcy Attorney

Fusthy & Manyai Law Office, the Budapest Bankruptcy Lawyer of the firm are highly engaged in the EU bankruptcy environment. They are aware of the changing bankruptcy laws in Hungary and are prepared to handle the legal challenges of each individual client. The firm maintains top-of-mind focus on all related issues that influence their client’s legal and commercial interests. Consult with a professional Bankruptcy Lawyer in Budapest, Hungary for sound solutions supported by a knowledgeable source.

Budapest Bankruptcy Lawyers Skilled In Litigation

Fusthy & Manyai Law Office bankruptcy lawyers in Budapest, Hungary offer a high level of competence in their bankruptcy law practice with a focus to respond efficiently to the core needs of its clients. Fusthy & Manyai Law Office is particularly committed to upholding the respect of the legal profession’s ethical values. This includes a practice of strict professional secrecy and avoidance of conflicts of interest, necessary to ensure the legal security sought by its clients. Speak with the Fusthy & Manyai Law Office team of Budapest bankruptcy lawyers for exceptional representation from a trusted adviser.

Füsthy & Mányai Law Office

Lajos u. 74-76
Budapest, Hungary H-1036

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Füsthy & Mányai Law Office

Lajos u. 74-76
Budapest, H-1036

Law Firm Contact: Dr. Zsolt Füsthy

Tel: +36 1 454 1766

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