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Agentis Legal Advocates & Advisors Miami, Florida
Barcellos Tucunduva Advogados Sao Paulo, Brazil
Bennett Law Firm, P.A., The Maine
Bennett Law Firm, P.A., The New Hampshire
Beresford Booth PLLC Edmonds, Washington
Bivins & Hemenway, P. A. Tampa, Florida
Broedermann Jahn Hamburg, Germany
Buchman Provine Brothers Smith LLP San Francisco, California
Burch & Cracchiolo, P.A. Phoenix, Arizona
Carroll & O'Dea Lawyers Sydney, Australia
Christian & Small LLP Birmingham, Alabama
Coughlin & Gerhart, LLP Binghamton, New York
Dallas & Co Solicitors Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom
Danailov, Drenski, Nedelchev & Co./Lex Locus Sofia, Bulgaria
Demorest Law Firm, PLLC Royal Oak, Michigan
Demorest Law Firm, PLLC Detroit, Michigan
Diamond Law Attorneys George Town Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Downs ♦ Stanford, P.C. Dallas, Texas
Dr. Fruhbeck Abogados Madrid, Spain
Dr. Fruhbeck Abogados Havana, Cuba
Earp Cohn P.C. Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Earp Cohn P.C. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
FDL, Studio Legale e Tributario Milan, Italy
Ferris & Britton, A Professional Corporation San Diego, California
Foland, Wickens, Roper, Hofer & Crawford, P.C. Kansas City, Missouri
Formosan Brothers Taipei, Taiwan
Fowler Bell PLLC Lexington, Kentucky
Fusthy & Manyai Law Office Budapest, Hungary
Ganfer & Shore, LLP New York, New York
Goodman Allen Donnelly Richmond, Virginia
Gordon Arata Montgomery Barnett Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Gordon Arata Montgomery Barnett New Orleans, Louisiana
Greenspoon Bellemare Montreal, Canada
Hodkin Stage Ward, PLLC Boca Raton, Florida
James, Potts & Wulfers, Inc. Tulsa, Oklahoma
Johnson, Graffe, Keay, Moniz & Wick, LLP Tacoma, Washington
Jones Obenchain, LLP South Bend, Indiana
Koenig & Partners Law Firm Copenhagen, Denmark
Kohner, Mann & Kailas, S.C. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Krevolin & Horst, LLC Atlanta, Georgia
Lansky, Ganzger + partner Austria
Lewis Johs Avallone Aviles LLP New York, New York
Lewis Johs Avallone Aviles LLP Islandia, New York
Magleby Cataxinos & Greenwood Salt Lake City, Utah
Mandelbaum Salsburg P.C. Roseland, New Jersey
Masters Law Firm, L.C., The Charleston, West Virginia
McNeil Leddy & Sheahan, P.C. Burlington, Vermont
Moses, Palmer & Howell, L.L.P. Fort Worth, Texas
Neil, Dymott, Frank, McFall, McCabe & Hudson APLC San Diego, California
Norchi Forbes, LLC Cleveland, Ohio
Ogborn Mihm LLP Denver, Colorado
ORYS Law Brussels, Belgium
O'Meara, Leer, Wagner & Kohl, P.A. Minneapolis, Minnesota
Prince Yeates Salt Lake City, Utah
Roe Cassidy Coates & Price, P.A. Greenville, South Carolina
Roeca Luria Shin LLP Honolulu, Hawaii
Rosen Hagood Charleston, South Carolina
Rosenblum Goldenhersh St. Louis, Missouri
Rothman Gordon Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Rudolph Friedmann LLP Boston, Massachusetts
Russell Advocaten B.V. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sanchez & Salegna Dominican Republic
Smiling, Smiling & Burgess Tulsa, Oklahoma
Smith Debnam Narron Drake Saintsing & Myers, LLP Raleigh, North Carolina
Spicer Rudstrom PLLC Nashville, Tennessee
Spicer Rudstrom PLLC Chattanooga, Tennessee
Szilagyi & Daly Hartford, Connecticut
Thomas Paschos & Associates, P.C. South Jersey
Vangard Law Sweden
Vatier Paris, France
Vukmir & Associates Croatia
Wharton Aldhizer & Weaver, PLC West Virginia
Wharton Aldhizer & Weaver, PLC Harrisonburg, Virginia
Widerman Malek, P.L. Daytona Beach, Florida
Widerman Malek, P.L. Melbourne, Florida
Wilke, Fleury, Hoffelt, Gould & Birney, LLP Sacramento, California
WINHELLER Attorneys at Law & Tax Advisors Frankfurt

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A contract is a legally-enforceable agreement or promise made between two parties that establishes an obligation to do or refrain for doing a particular action. The core purpose of a contract is to create the terms and clauses of an agreement or promise by which the parties have established their obligations and rights. In the civil law, a contractual agreement is considered to be a primary component of the general law of obligations.

A breach of contract in legal terms is a broken promise to do or not do an act. A breach of contract may be either a single event, occurring at one point in time, or a series of continuing breaches. A legal action for breach of contract is a civil action, and any remedies awarded are designed to place the injured party in the position that party would have been in but for the breach. Remedies for breach of contract are designed to compensate the non-breaching party, not to punish the breaching party. A contract a a legally enforceable promise or set of promises that may have been made either orally or in writing; certain promises, however, involving particular matters must be in writing in order to satisfy the Statute of Frauds, a rule of substantive law, not a rule of evidence, that identifies certain matters which must be evidenced by a written instrument in order to be enforceable by a court.