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Law Firm NameLocation
Barton LLP New York New York
Christian & Small LLP Birmingham Alabama
Copple, Rockey, McKeever & Schlecht Omaha Nebraska
Coughlin & Gerhart, LLP Binghamton New York
Degan, Blanchard & Nash, PLC Baton Rouge Louisiana
Earp Cohn P.C. Cherry Hill New Jersey
Earp Cohn P.C. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Elam & Burke Boise Idaho
Fain, Major & Brennan, P.C. Atlanta Georgia
Fogg Law Firm Oklahoma City Oklahoma
Foland, Wickens, Eisfelder, Roper & Hofer, P.C. Kansas City Missouri
Goodman Allen Donnelly Richmond Virginia
HJM Asia Law & Co LLC Singapore Singapore
HJM Asia Law & Co LLC Guangzhou China
Iseman, Cunningham, Riester & Hyde LLP Albany New York
Iseman, Cunningham, Riester & Hyde LLP Poughkeepsie New York
Johnson, Graffe, Keay, Moniz & Wick, LLP Seattle Washington
Johnson, Graffe, Keay, Moniz & Wick, LLP Tacoma Washington
Kennerly, Montgomery & Finley, P.C. Knoxville Tennessee
Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge Nashville Tennessee
Leman Solicitors Dublin Ireland
Lipe Lyons Murphy Nahrstadt & Pontikis, Ltd. Chicago Illinois
Mandelbaum Salsburg P.C. Roseland New Jersey
Mateer Harbert, PA Orlando Florida
McKeen & Associates, P.C. Detroit Michigan
Merkel & Cocke Clarksdale Mississippi
MME Legal | Tax | Compliance Zurich Switzerland
Montgomery Barnett, L.L.P. Baton Rouge Louisiana
Montgomery Barnett, L.L.P. New Orleans Louisiana
Neil, Dymott, Frank, McFall, Trexler, McCabe & Hudson APLC San Diego California
Nicklaus & Associates, P.A. Coral Gables Florida
Nicklaus & Associates, P.A. Miami Florida
Norchi Forbes, LLC Cleveland Ohio
Ogden & Sullivan, P.A. Tampa Florida
O'Donnell, Ferebee & Frazer, PC Houston Texas
O'Meara, Leer, Wagner & Kohl, P.A. Eau Claire Wisconsin
O'Meara, Leer, Wagner & Kohl, P.A. Minneapolis Minnesota
Roe Cassidy Coates & Price, P.A. Greenville South Carolina
Roeca Luria Hiraoka LLP Honolulu Hawaii
Rosen Hagood Charleston South Carolina
Rosenblum Goldenhersh St. Louis Missouri
Saalfield Shad, P.A. Jacksonville Florida
Schneider Smeltz Spieth Bell LLP Cleveland Ohio
Smiling, Smiling & Burgess Tulsa Oklahoma
Thomas Paschos & Associates, P.C. South Jersey New Jersey
Thornton, Biechlin, Reynolds & Guerra, L.C. McAllen Texas
Thornton, Biechlin, Reynolds & Guerra, L.C. San Antonio Texas
Vatier & Associes Paris France
Watts, Donovan & Tilley, P.A. Little Rock Arkansas
Wharton Aldhizer & Weaver, PLC Harrisonburg West Virginia
Wharton Aldhizer & Weaver, PLC Harrisonburg Virginia
Wilke, Fleury, Hoffelt, Gould & Birney, LLP Sacramento California
Winder & Counsel, PC Salt Lake City Utah

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Health Care Law

Health care law reflects a broad scope of federal and state laws that control public and private health insurance matters, financing, torts, contracts, administrative law, corporation, antitrust, and ethics of the health care sector. The scope of federal health care law surrounds the activity of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). This body oversees a wide spectrum of agencies and health care programs, such as supplementing financial aid to needy individuals, conducting research in the medical field, offering advocacy and health care services, and governing the rules and laws associated with human services.

Federal health law focuses on the activity of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). It administers a wide variety of agencies and programs, like providing financial assistance to needy individuals; conducting medical and scientific research; providing health care and advocacy services; and enforcing laws and regulations related to human services. The HHS is responsible for overseeing the Medicare and Medicaid Programs. Their goal is to ensure that elderly and needy individuals receive proper medical care. Many other laws administered by other agencies deal with health issues.