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Hanol Law Offices, Seoul, South Korea

In response to the need for inter-dependency in today’s increasingly globalized and economically integrated world, companies have been departmentalizing their internal operations and expanding their activities. The recent changes in Korea’s policies on companies based in the nation have made already complex business regulations even more burdensome with respect to compliance. Thus, many enterprises, big and small, require up-to-date legal assistance. Hanol Law Offices, the first boutique in the Republic of Korea specializing in corporate law, was founded on August 8, 1997 for the specific purpose of providing legal services consistent with the latest legal and business developments to the firm’s clients.

As one of the nation’s top quality law firms, Hanol Law Offices is committed to providing up-to-date counsel and effective services that can result in substantial savings for its clients, domestic or foreign. The firm is aware that every client is different – attorneys of the firm make sure to deliver a custom-tailored solution and successful results in a cost and time efficient manner to each one, even through the most complicated legal challenges.

Furthermore, as recognized by clients, Hanol Law Offices is known for its expertise in a broad spectrum of legal areas such as international trade and investment, corporate and administrative law. The firm’s expertise and commitment have ensured a high rate of success in corporate and commercial law in such areas as joint ventures, licensing agreements, banking and securities, anti-dumping, tax litigation, antitrust, public finance, commercial arbitration, mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganizations, and commercial real estate.

In today’s global era, Hanol Law Offices has established a network across the world. The firm is committed to providing the best advice and legal services to every client it represents. Whether you are a multinational corporation operating in Korea or a small firm embroiled in a domestic business conflict headed for litigation, Hanol Law Offices is confident that it can provide you with the best advice, the correct blend of local legal services and foreign legal consultation with the aid of foreign law firms, if necessary, that are specialized in a wide range of practice areas through the firm’s global network. Another point to be noted: Hanol Law Offices’ strength lies not only in international business transactions but also with domestic litigation as well. Among the firm’s diverse clientele, composed of both domestic and foreign companies, are financial institutions, public authorities and other corporate and individual clients. Additional areas of emphases include construction, labor, maritime, entertainment and telecommunications laws.

Hanol Law Offices has developed advanced technological resources for the firm’s attorneys and staff in order to provide an unparalleled level of client service. All documents within the firm are recorded in an automated database system, and state-of-the-art technology in the firm’s computer system allows prompt and thorough management of its clients. A result of Hanol Law Offices’ commitment to providing the best client service, the firm’s cutting-edge system, more advanced than that of any other law firm in Korea, avoids duplication of effort, enabling us to be one of the most effective and reliable law firms in Korea.

Since its establishment, Hanol Law Offices has provided clients with the best advice and advocacy at a level comparable to those of other large law firms. Each essential member of the firm, aggressive investment in high-technology, and active utilization of state-of-the-art systems have given us an edge over the competition. As the first boutique law firm, Hanol Law Offices has provided clients with legal services according to need, particularly in the areas of corporate and finance laws. Today, the firm has grown to be one of the most effective and reliable law firms in Korea, providing an unparalleled level of client service. Because of the firm’s client-oriented approach, which has become the major advantage for Hanol Law Offices, many of the firm’s new clients have been referred to them by other clients. Hanol Law Offices will continue to focus on providing the quality service you deserve.

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Hanol Law Offices

17th and 19th Floor, City Air Tower
159-9 Samsung-Dong, Kangnam-Ku
Seoul, 135-973
South Korea

Law Firm Contact: Yun-Jae Baek

Tel: +82 2 6004 2500

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