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Estate Planning and Litigation in San Diego, California

Estate Planning Attorneys at Ferris & Britton Law Firm

The estate planning attorneys at Ferris & Britton have advised and represented clients on estate tax issues, legal processes and estate plans since 1968. With extensive knowledge in the areas of estate planning and litigation, our San Diego lawyers have assisted individuals and families to ensure the most beneficial and efficient transactions and the compliance with laws and regulations.

Estate planning describes the management of transfers of assets by a family or individual. It is created to ensure the preferred distribution of wealth transfer through wills and trusts after the death of the owner. Estate planning is a critical step for any person to ensure that their wishes and conditions are respected after they pass away, and that conflicts are avoided. Without an estate plan, the state will determine the beneficiaries of your assets. By being proactive and managing the estate before it is too late, questions about split of assets, beneficiaries, tax obligations and conditions of inheritance are answered. Even practical issues such as funeral arrangements can be managed within an estate planning attorney.

The term “estate” describes all property that one person owns. This includes:

• Real estate property
• Stocks
• Bank account totals
• Life insurance
• Assets such as art, cars or other personal items

Estate planning and litigation requires a solid background in many different areas of law such as state and federal tax laws and real estate laws. To offer expert estate planning and litigation services, estate planning attorneys need an in-depth knowledge about trusts, wills, estate laws, taxes and state probate courts.

The extensive experience of the estate planning attorneys at Ferris & Britton incorporates all of these areas. Clients can be sure to receive expert advice on all matters relating to estate planning as well as efficient representation in case of estate litigation. Skilled legal help, ensure smooth transactions, minimize taxes and avoid costs associated with the probate process.

Whether it is about tax laws or tax exemptions such as tax free gifts, there will always be many questions regarding estate planning – the San Diego lawyers at Ferris & Britton will answer them expertly, explain all options and recommend the most favourable solutions to our clients.

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