International Outside Corporate Counsel Practice Group


The International Outside Corporate Counsel Practice Group (further: IOCC PG) aims at bringing together Primerus members who provide legal advice on the day-to-day business of the entrepreneur, with a focus on the following practice areas:

• International Corporate and Commercial law
• International Labor / Employment Law / Immigration
• Real Estate Law
• Liability and Insurance
• Administrative / Environmental Law
• IP / Information and Communication Technology


The purpose of the IOCC PG, Primerus International Outside Corporate Counsel Practice Group is three-fold:

(1) to help Practice Group members develop quality client business;

(2) to get to know each other and encourage cross-border referrals between Practice Group members; and

(3) building on (1) and (2) to educate and inform IOCC PG members (and their clients).

We seek to bring together those Primerus lawyers who are more intimately engaged in the everyday (international) legal work as the trusted day-to-day partner, and sometimes almost external general counsel, of their clients.

Not only would we like to reach out to those Primerus members who are already well versed in international affairs, but also to those firms with little international experience who wish to learn more about how they can comfortably refer their clients to other Primerus firms for the international activity of their clients.

Membership criteria:

  1. Attorney is a recognized professional dealing with the day-to-day legal needs of business clientele.
  2. Attorney’s firm has a broad-based knowledge of commercial, corporate and business law with litigation capabilities.
  3. Attorney works effectively at national and international level.
  4. Attorney promotes the Primerus-membership and actively encourages cross-border referrals/cooperation.
  5. Participation in network meetings and initiatives.
  6. Attorney pursues continued legal education in his/her chosen area of legal expertise.

IOCC Practice Group – Member Directory

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Michele  Stutz

ChairMichele Stutz (view profile)

Kreuzstrasse 42
Zurich, ZH CH-8008
Phone: +41 44 254 99 66

Shinji   Itoh, Esq.

Vice ChairShinji Itoh, Esq. (view profile)

4th Floor, Kasumigaseki Building 3-2-5
Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo, JP 100-6004
Phone: +81-(3)-3595-7070

Reinier W.L. Russell, Esq.

Immediate Past ChairReinier W.L. Russell, Esq. (view profile)

Reimersbeek 2
1082 AG
Amsterdam, NL
Phone: +31 20 301 55 55

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