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Cooperation Between Bitcoin Deutschland GmbH and Fidor Bank AG

Frankfurt, Germany (PRWEB) July 30, 2013

First trading platform for Bitcoins in Europe entered into cooperation with a bank that is regulated by the German Financial Supervisory Agency (BaFin).

The virtual currency is now also in Germany to leave behind its marginal existence. Worldwide, there are meanwhile about 500.000 transactions a day in this currency. The low transaction fees are now to tempt the German citizens – with strict observance of the BaFin rules. This is why Bitcoin Deutschland GmbH recently announced the company’s cooperation with the Munich based Fidor Bank AG.

The leading German web 2.0 bank Fidor relied on the Munich team of HEUSSEN LAW. The provider of the leading trading platform for Bitcoins in Germany ( got legal advice from the specialized law firm WINHELLER (Frankfurt): especially on questions related to bank supervision, during the negotiations regarding the cooporation agreement with Fidor Bank AG and in connection with the legally compliant structuring of client relations.

Experts have been aware of Bitcoins for years. Hardly noticed as “digital currency” a few years ago, the distribution and acceptance of Bitcoins has meanwhile increased immensely.

Thanks to the cooporation with the Fidor Bank AG (, Bitcoin Deutschland GmbH is going to convey Bitcoins on its platform as an intermediary bound by contract through a bank authorized in Germany. So is the first Bitcoin trading platform in Europe with a direct cooporation with a bank regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority. The cooporation partners thereby set the standard for the up to now unregulated market of Bitcoins.

About Bitcoin Deutschland GmbH
Since 2011, Bitcoin Deutschland GmbH has been operating Germany’s first and biggest marketplace for the trading of bitcoins by private individuals from the EU, EEA, and Switzerland on In this context, Bitcoin Deutschland GmbH acts as a trustee for the bitcoins posted for sale by the sellers and provides assurance to buyers that the bitcoins they acquire really exist. In addition, the users can deposit their bitcoins on free of charge. Bitcoin Deutschland is planning to provide additional features like real-time trading via directly connected banking accounts or opportunities for online traders to use bitcoins as means of payment in the future.

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Law firms WINHELLER and HEUSSEN LAW oversee business matter – Press Release


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