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Moritz Kuhn

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Languages: German, French, English

Prof. Dr. Moritz W. Kuhn is professor of private and insurance law at the University of Zurich and president of the Zurich Court of Appeal. He is regularly solicited as an expert or legal representative in the areas of insurance, liability and procedural law. In addition, he is president of the Swiss Insurance Brokers Association (SIBA) and member of the general committee of the International Association for Insurance Law (AIDA).

Legal Education

  • University of Zurich (Dr. iur.), 1970

Fields of Practice

  • International and Swiss Contract, Business and Corporate Law
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Insurance, Liability and Financial Services Law
  • Gaming Law
  • Inheritance and Succession Law
  • Labour Law
  • Medical and Health Law
  • Litigation / Civil Procedure
  • Issues Association (Chairman of the Swiss Insurance Brokers Association, SIBA)

Judicial Functions

  • President of the Supreme Court of the State (Canton) Zurich since April 2002
  • Judge at the Swiss Federal Appeal Commission for the Supervision of Private Insurance, 2004-2006
  • Commercial Law Judge at Commercial Court of Zurich (chamber “Banks and Insurance”), 1992-2001

Teaching Assignments

  • Professor of private law and insurance, University of Zurich
    (since 1986); Habilitation topic: “The Effects of EEC Harmonisation of Endeavour and the Art of the Swiss Federal Constitution 31sexies on the Future Structure of the Swiss Insurance Contract”
  • Lecturer on insurance and economic law at the LLMpost graduate courses, University of Zurich
  • Various expert appointments in private insurance, commercial law and financial services matters (Allfinance)
  • Conference speaker (symposium, etc.) on topics of insurance and / banks, competition, all finance, restructuring, ED, WTO / GATS, etc


  • Swiss Bar Association (SAV)
  • Zurich Bar Association (ZAV)
  • President of the Administrative Commission of the High Courts of Zurich
  • Swiss Association of Insurance and Liability Law (1986-1993), president (1994-1998)
  • Presidential Council of AIDA (International Association of Insurance Law)
  • Swiss Arbitration Association
  • President of the Swiss Insurance Brokers Association (SIBA)



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