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Brian Pin-Hsuan  Chang, Esq.
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Taipei Attorney
Brian Pin-Hsuan Chang, Esq.

Phone: +886 2 2705 8086


Languages: Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, English

M.D. from National Yang-Ming University (Taiwan)
LL.M. from National Cheng-Chi University (Taiwan)
Biotechnology Management Program, commissioned by National Cheng-Chi University and National Yang-Ming University (Taiwan)

Pediatrics Specialist (2006)
Nephrology Specialist (2009)
Commissioner, Medical Law Intelligence Committee, Taiwan Medical Association (2010)
Lecturer, Judicial Yuan Judicial Personnel Workshop (2010 to 2011)
Editor, BioMedicine (ISSN 1999-9364?(2012—)

Patient Autonomy of Children – From the Clinical Experiences on Pediatric Patients (Master thesis, Institute of Law and Inter-discipline, National Cheng-Chi University, Jul. 2012)
Children’s Rights of Medical Care, BioMedicine, at 516-520 (Vol. 3 No. 4, Dec. 2010)
Co-author, The Legal Issue of the Exhaustion of Biomaterials Rights after the Permission of Plant Patents in Taiwan Based Referring to Monsanto v. Scruggs Case, Analysis and Review of the Intellectual Property Law and Management Cases (7), at 65-88 (Angle Publishing Company, 1st ed., Jan. 2011)
The Protection of the Copyright of Instructions of Pharmaceuticals—Review of the Intellectual Property Court’s Judgment 97 Min-Chuan-Shang-Tze No. 20 of Takeda v. CCPC, Pioglitazone HCl, Analysis and Review of the Intellectual Property Law and Management Cases (7), at 199-214 (Angle Publishing Company, 1st ed., Jan. 2011)
Do the Medical Records have to be in Chinese, Taiwan Medical Journal, at 47-50 (Vol. 54, No. 3, Mar. 2011)
An Infant with Extensive Mongolian Spot, Nevus Flammeus, and Cutis Marmorata Telangiectatica Congenita: A Unique Case of Phacomatosis Pigmentovascularis, 156 British Journal of Dermatology 1068, at 1068-1071 (2007) (SCI)
Paecilomyces Lilacinus Peritonitis Complicating Peritoneal Dialysis Cured by Oral Voriconazole and Terbinafine Combination Therapy, 57 Journal of Medical Microbiology 1581, at 1581-1584 (2008) (SCI)
Co-author, Segmental Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney in Children: Clinical Presentation, Imaging Finding, Management, and Outcome, Journal of Pediatric Surgery, at 1856-1862 (Vol. 45, No. 9, 2010) (SCI)

Mandarin, Taiwanese, English

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